Well it has been a very busy few weeks here at The Chief and that will not change until the week of Christmas. But that is a good thing because we have so musch to cover in the City of Comanche and Comanche County. We are blessed to be surrounded by such a great community.

My busy weekend started at 9:00 a.m. Friday morning at the Harvest Restaurant. There I met with the Texas Bucket List show production and Kevin Byrne with Spirit of Texas Bank, the main sponsor of the show.

Everybody was very nice and Shane McAuliffe even interviewed my mom along with some other guest during the lunch hours at Harvest.

Then Kevin told me an interesting story about the bus the Spirit of Texas Bank bought to travel in for the show.

The bank uses a company out of Nashville, Tennessee to purchase their buses because this company is always selling and trading in busses for the music stars.

But this belonged to a different individual. The previous owner was Kirk Herbstreit, host of the popular ESPN college football show, College Gameday.

I told Kevin that I watched that show religiously since I was little. He then offered to take me on a tour of the bus at the Comanche National Bank Open House since he thought I might recognize the inside as Herbstreit did countless interviews inside the bus.

And after touring the inside I believe I did recognize it.

All of The Chief staff members broke out covering all the events on the action packed Christmas in Comanche celbration.

I believe the only event I missed was the Tour of Homes which a heard was splended with gorgeous homes decorated for Christmas.

All the volunteers and businesses did a great job with the events despite the chilly and rainy conditions.

All things considered it was a great day to be in Comanche.

Again, “how bout them Cowboys”.

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