Yes, it is very close to our OPEN HOUSE at the COMANCHE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. This will be DECEMBER 8TH, 2018. This is our celebration of the Christmas story and the Christmas holidays. We will have open house, with Christmas lights everywhere and other decorations up, and our building will look so pretty. We will have goodies of all kinds, and LIVE MUSIC. Yes, the band CLASS OF ’57 will be with us again. they are just about a Christmas tradition, consisting of John Kirby, Horace Hounshell, Mac Pyburn and Jack Boen, our good and true friends. They know lots of songs and music, especially Silent Night and all the other Christmas favorites. They will start playing at 1:00 pm and take a break somewhere in there and end at 4:00 pm.

We invite everyone out to see us and them. I hope that the sight of Christmas decorations, lights and tinsel will bring back memories of your childhood and help you to remember just how you were celebrating Christmas with your family.

I remember so well when Maxine and I were young kids, we went to bed early, just in case that Santa was circling around our house, and we usually woke up about 4:00 am, went and looked, had Santa come! Yes, he had, and there was presents under the tree. We usually got a doll each and we took our dolls back to bed and played with them until daylight when Mama and Daddy got up. I also remember when we had the first string of electric lights for our Christmas tree. We lived in town, and I had a job and probably bought these lights. They were the bigger bulbs, not the small ones that we have today. I remember that we strung these lights on the tree, and we all, including my daddy went outside to see just how they looked thru the living room window. I can see all of this, and I hope this will help you to remember your early day Christmas.

My dear sister Geneva Cox Mercer told us about the first Christmas tree that she saw as a little girl. This was at Pettit, and earlier this was called the FLEMING community. She said that the Christmas tree that she remembered was at the Pettit school and it was for the whole community. She said the ladies had colored roping, had sprinkled bits of cotton, like snow on the tree and they had also put candles on the tree and lighted them. Hey, they got on fire, and she said that little girls dolls got burned and it was pretty exciting for a while. Geneva was born in 1919, and she was a little girl when all of this happened. She still remembered this when she was older, and she told it to us lots of times. She was a wonderful sister.

Remember our Christmas open house. we look forward to seeing you there.

Missy Cox Jones

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