Letter to the Editor:

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to our Friends at the Comanche Chief. We’ve noticed some great new columns and information and as always, offer a sincere thank you to the Comanche Chief Staff. Now, down to business.

All “Letters to the Editor” are important, but some sadly require special scrutiny. An example would be the one from Professor McKinnon in the December 22nd edition. As soon as one sees words such as “democrap, pantywaisted and sissy” in a letter, you just know where it’s headed. It is so predictable with the distorted attacks on the main News Networks, yet praise for Fox News.

The essence of the Letter is to defend Major Golsteyn, a West Point graduate and participant in at least 6 or 7 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is accused of killing a Combatant, in his charge and thus committing a “Summary Execution” while ignoring the “Rules of Engagement”. Unfortunately, the Professor continues in defending 3 other servicemen who he thinks have been railroaded by the United States Government. Really? After a quick fact check with the Military Times, Navy Times and Army Times, a pretty disgusting picture is painted of these Servicemen.

A person who is pro Summary Execution, but anti Rules of Engagement, anti Rule of Law, anti Military Justice, anti Geneva Conventions and anti International Law, could almost sound demented. However what is truly rich, is that Professor McKinnon is sending his letter to his Congressional Representatives. Good Luck with that. Just as with Mr. Bone Spur Trump, some people need to be constantly monitored and fact checked.

How about a conversation concerning the 6, 7 or more tours in Afghanistan and Iraq? The Veterans with PTSD? Addressing their symptoms and treatment? And then of course there are the 20 plus a day suicides by Veterans...

Thank you.

Felix Laughlin

Proctor, Texas

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