Dear Editor,

It would seem my letter to the editor of a few weeks ago has drawn a difference of opinion. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I happen to believe it is okay that an American in combat, do his or her best to eliminate the opposing forces charged with eliminating our voluntarily serving men and women. How our fighting forces accomplish this is made more difficult because we have “Rules of Engagement”. Yes I have a tendency to use language, unacceptable to some, to describe those rules and those who made them and those who support them. I have been accused of being opinionated. SHOCKING.

I also have very strong opinions about how to deal with those who chose to enter our country illegally and then go about killing our citizens and law enforcement officers. There are many facets to that discussion.

As far as me sending copies of my letters to our senators and congressman, I am the first to recognize what a complete waste of ink and a stamp that is. No I have not received any response from any of them. But I do it anyway because maybe, just maybe, one time it could make a difference. Yes, I doubt it too. Regarding those we elect on both sides of the isle in Washington D.C. and Austin, well that is another letter.

Regarding the writers comments about our Veterans. I am one who was fortunate to have served in the 60’s when in the early years there was no open conflict. Vietnam did build up during that time but in my eight years I was fortunate not to have a shot fired in my direction.

Regarding those who serve, whether in non-combat areas or in the most dangerous places and for whatever reason, they sacrifice a limb or limbs, their mental wounds, or ultimately their life, whether it be in combat or by suicide, they are owed whatever can done to help them heal and/or honor the sacrifice made for us. We can never do enough for them.

Final comment. Major Mathew Goldsteyn is a hero. He saved American lives. THAT is what matters..

Marvin J. McKinnon

Comanche, Texas

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