Comanche ISD moving along with

the Monolithic Dome structure . . .

The dome will be built behind the high school near where the discus rings now sit towards FM 3351.

The dome will seat between 1,200 and 1,700 depending on the configuration. The primary function of the domw will be used as a basketball arena. It will have a concession area and several locker rooms.

The Monolithic Dome structure will be open to public events as well as other school functions. The facility could host a graduation ceremony, district wide pep rally’s and other events.

It will also be used as a secure shelter area for the high school and junior high. These monolithic domes are designed to withstand an F5 tornado.

The Comanche ISD Board of Trustees has selected Leland A. Gray Architects out of Salt Lake City, Utah as the architect. They specialize in Monolithic Domes and are scheduled for some projects in south Texas.

A rough time line of the Monolithic Dome completion at Comanche ISD could be in August of 2020.

After the school board meets in February and March after the Property Value Study (PVS) is complete they will start the bidding process. The bidding process could take six weeks and be completed between April and June. If the ground breaking begins in August of 2019 the construction process usually takes one year.

Superintendant of Comanche ISD, Gary Speegle made the following statements at the beginning of the school year. The Comanche ISD Board of Trustees selected an architect and have plans in place to go out for bid on this dome. Due to the loss of funds in this school year the Board of Trustees decided to postpone going out for bid at this time. The plan is to make sure that Comanche ISD passes the Property Value Study (PVS) for this coming tax season and ensure no loss of school funds before going out for bid. We should know by February 2019 if the Comanche ISD property taxes are within 95 percent of the State value and if we will not lose any additional funds. Let me be clear, the funds to pay for the special event center are in place and tax payers will not see an increase due to building this facility. I know people in Comanche and surrounding area schools are used to voting on bonds (increase taxes) to pay for building facilities but this is NOT the case. 40 percent of these funds are coming from revenue from the wind mill project and the other 60 percent will come from a fund balance that previous trustees have designated for facilities.

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