What beautiful weather! Sunday, as I write this, it sounds like a lawnmower orchestra outside! All my neighbors are sprucing up for spring. Comanche Mercantile is feeling the spring. Amanda Higginbotham, our window decorator, is putting bright colors in the windows to bring in spring and especially Easter. Amanda does a great job and we appreciate all the hard work she does. The women on the board did it for the first year and boy does the new seasons come on quickly.

Our classes are back in swing and are getting a lot of attention. We will be scheduling our first food preservation class soon, so be watching this column and our Comanche Mercantile Facebook page. We are planning a class on canning with pressure cookers, canning with waterbath, drying fruit and information on dry canning. Do not waste the produce from your garden by canning it wrong and having to pour it out! Learn and do it correctly the first time. I hear that jars are somewhat scarce, but lids and rings are really hard to find. You can reuse your old jars and rings, but lids must be new and fresh so they will seal down tight on that produce you or your neighbor has worked so hard to raise. You want to be prepared with all equipment and supplies so that whatever is being harvested will be processed as soon as possible. The earlier its process the better the texture and taste when it is opened up for consumption. I need a good pickle person to teach their techniques. If that is you, please call me! I will sign you up you will be paid and you’ll meet some great new folks-- I will bet!

By the way, it is recommended that you use name brand jars not the old mayonnaise jars. They are thinner glass and can break easier when heated. I think we should start a “Canning Club” so that there will be not only a teacher to contact with questions but also club buddies. I’m thinking all club members need matching aprons maybe even signed with class name and phone numbers. I’ll start designing something to have ready for classes!

I had to miss the Easter Cookie class, taught by Sherry Reynolds. But the class was full to capacity and we will be scheduling another. Call to get your name on the waiting list. Sherry likes to take a baker’s dozen or less so get your name in the pot. Also, I am working with our woodworkers to create the cookie cutter rolling pins. These should be ready for Christmas purchases and giving.

Speaking of Christmas, keep in mind that the Comanche Mercantile loves to have local artisans. We like pottery, wood items, home spun things, handcrafted knives, original jewelry and I am sure there is more I have not mentioned. Christmas is our best time! Get going on creations of things now! Let’s all have a good 2021 and put Comanche on the map as the place to shop. Caller text for any questions to 325-356-0037.

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