Comanche County Christmas needs your help

From Comanche County Christmas

Comanche County Christmas, the group responsible for decorating the Comanche County Courthouse each year with the lighted Christmas display, is asking for your help. Comanche County Christmas has experienced a sizable shortfall in its budget of several thousand dollars this year due to a steep drop in donations caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Last year’s donations were down severely from the year before and this year’s donations have also been much lower.

Comanche County Christmas was started in 2013 by a group of Comanche High School students and adult volunteers who, wanting to start a new tradition in Comanche County, decorated the south side of the courthouse square with a synchronized light show. In 2014 the show was expanded to all four sides and has grown ever since to its current layout with over 100,000 lights! The show, as from its inception, is only possible through the efforts of a group of hard-working volunteers and the generous donations from the community. We are extremely thankful for the generous support Pate’s Hardware & Rental and CECA have given in years past but especially this year. Without their support Comanche County Christmas would not have been able to bring the community the light show that has truly become a community tradition.

Each year Comanche County Christmas works to bring new elements to the show as well as maintain and upgrade the current show. This year one of the largest expenses was to upgrade the main show player to handle the large number of controllers and pixels in the display. The old system was from 2014 and was not able to handle the size the show has grown to. In addition, several new controllers were needed for the same reason as the software they ran was no longer supported. Each season requires considerable financial support to maintain and repair the existing elements, so they stay safe and up to date. Also, only LED lights are used on all the displays. They are more expensive than regular light sets but only use 1/10 the electricity and last much longer.

None of the maintenance or upgrades are possible without the communities’ support.

Comanche County Christmas is committed to putting up the best show each year and to continue to upgrade and add new elements. For those who enjoy the show and, like us, take pride in what it brings to our community, we respectfully ask for financial support to continue to bring Comanche County the best lighted Christmas show in the area. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Comanche County Christmas, Box 631, Comanche, TX or placed in the donation box on the South side of the Square in front of the large pixel tree. They can also be dropped off in person at the Comanche Chamber of Commerce Depot. Thank you for your support and enjoy the show!

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