By Christine Tandy Perkins

Judy Scott’s Christmas lights display started in 1997 on Clark Street behind Johnson’s Florist. She was given her first Christmas yard decoration by Bill Day through an exchange on hotline on KCOM.

It was a wooden Santa climbing a ladder. She told him she would buy the piece, but he gave it to her instead. And that started it all.

Judy Scott has one of the most prolific holiday lights display in Comanche. Her current home is located at 907 East Highland Avenue. The lights at this address have been shining bright since 1998 when she decorated her mother’s home for her. Her mother was Clara Mae Scott. The home is across the street from her sister’s florist, Johnson’s Florist. She decorated her former home on Clark Street beginning in 1997 and her mother’s home since 1998. When her mother Clara Mae Scott passed in 2009, she continued decorating at the one location.

She says she doesn’t bury her cords like the big displays on television. Nothing too terrible has happened to her display, especially since she has installed cameras. She uses hundreds of extension cords to connect the pieces for her display.

Her inventory includes ten polar bears, two elephants, eleven snowmen, 8 deer, ten penguins, two igloos, a lighted tree, two dolphins, two seals, eight small trees, a trio of carolers, two candy canes, one bear, one snowman, one Santa, a star in the tree, two cows, two longhorn bulls, eight pigs, two soldiers, four roosters, three chickens, eight horses, two sleighs, twelve dogs, Santa and Mrs. Santa with lamppost, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, six mice, six geese, three drummer boys, three signs, three reindeer families, one Pooh Bear, three border collies, two goats, a giant star, three Christmas packages, a yellow rose of Texas, a giant Christmas tree, fifteen peacocks and a partridge in a pear tree. (There is no partridge, but it ended the list nicely!)

“My favorite light piece now is the lighted peacock,” says Scott. Enjoy Judy’s light this season at 907 East Highland.

Judy has participated in and won several times the Comanche Chamber Lighting Contest. She starts decorating weeks in advance. This year she began working early in the fall.

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