By Nikki Jackson

Your favorite giant cowboy will be sporting a new wardrobe during this year’s Fair! The State Fair of Texas and Dickies present Big Tex’s fresh, new outfit crafted just in time for the 2019 State Fair of Texas.

To make sure Big Tex looks and feels his very best for the upcoming festivities, he receives a new get-up every few years. Big Tex stands outdoors for four weeks each year – through sun, rain and strong winds. While Big Tex’s Dickies outfit is made of durable, wind and flame-resistant material, the outdoor elements can be harsh, requiring an outfit change at least every three years.

Dickies has been the proud apparel sponsor of Big Tex for 22 years. At the Dickies Fort Worth headquarters, a team of designers, pattern makers, and sewing experts take a total of nine months to design his look and two weeks to sew his final shirt and pants.

“We are excited to build on our longstanding partnership with Dickies and introduce another Texas-sized outfit to add to Big Tex’s closet. This year especially, acknowledging the Fair’s theme of “Celebrating Texas Creativity,” we showcase the handywork of artists who stitched his new duds right here in North Texas,” says Jennifer Schuder, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, State Fair of Texas.

The 55-foot-tall cowboy will be able to show off his Texas style with a brand-new, custom-made shirt and pants inspired by western wear across the decades.

The double point, two-toned, scalloped front yoke that extends dramatically down the center form is reminiscent of western shirts from the 1940s-1950s.

The ‘shotgun’ cuffs tip their hat to the 1930s and the ‘smile’ pockets with the clover embroidered details add retro western charm.

Dickies also incorporated stripes as a node to the company’s workwear heritage with the hickory stripe fabrication (popular on Dickies bib overalls) for the upper yoke on the front and back.

Big Tex’s denim is modeled after Dickies’ X-Series line of jeans, which anyone can purchase on Dickies.com. However, Big Tex’s pair is created out of flame-resistant material.

“Like Big Tex, Dickies is deeply rooted in Texas. We’ve been based out of Fort Worth since 1922 and this is our 22nd year to dress Texas’ hardest working cowboy,” said Jason Prior, Sr. Director of Brand and Retail Marketing, Dickies.

“Big Tex brings people together; he’s a great ambassador for good memories and we truly enjoy celebrating his style and being involved.”

Come check out Big Tex and his new clothes when he returns to his post at Big Tex Circle in Fair Park on Friday, September 20. More details to follow. Representatives from Dickies and the State Fair of Texas will be onsite during Big Tex’s installation and available for any media inquiries and interviews upon your request.

Mark your calendars for the 2019 State Fair of Texas, running Friday, September 27 through Sunday, October 20 in historic Fair Park in Dallas.

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