Tommy Patterson, local artisan and historian, celebrates this month year round.“I love everything Native American and marvel at the fact that they carried all their personal belongings and means to survive in small bags that would fit in a small shopping bag. The horse enabled them to have a few more items, but not much. These are some items that I’ve made (pictured.) Most are Comanche or Kiowa. I just finished the bag right of the cradle. It took me around 50 hours to do the beadwork. The two bags on the right are replicas of Comanche bags collected by Jean Louis Berlandier between 1830 and 1850. The small bag with long green fringe is a replica of a bag found on a Kiowa warrior in 1868. The bow, arrow with a metal point, and quiver are replicas of 1860’s Comanche items. The shield is based on a Comanche shield collected by Berlandier between 1830 and 1850. The net bags and atlatl are replicas of artifacts found in south Texas that would have been used for thousands of years.” writes Tommy Patterson.

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