HGTV’s Battle on the Beach update

From Kerry Kersh and HGTV

We caught back up with our very own hometown couple this week David and Kerry Kersh and asked them could they fill us in on any behind the scenes or what's to come on their new show airing this Sunday. David said the first episode will be a special 90 minute premier and feature the kitchen. He said they were given $75,000 to renovate the entire home from top to bottom and had to manage the budget themselves. We also has to do the work, and find all the materials we needed. Kerry said this was very hard, and not sure what they will feature on the show, but there had been a hurricane not to long ago before we started the show. That along with COVID really put things in short supply. Imagine being in a different state, not knowing the contractors, subs, or where to go get the materials. To make things worse, once you found a place that carried these materials, they were 99% of the time out of stock! Part of the competition was we as competitors couldn't get any help from production. We literally had to spend our own time hunting down the places calling to get what we needed, then had to have it all turned in by a certain time everyday for it to get to site on time. There were days this didn't happen. You couldn't just hop in your car and go grab something, plus everything was timed as part of the competition too. This became very stressful at times because without what you needed, you couldn't complete the room. This could ultimately be what made the difference in winning and loosing. It was also first come first serve. If one of the other teams called first and got the appliance, material or whatever was needed, it was just to bad. You had to find your plan b and fast! The judges were very tough! You'll see this on the show. Mike Holmes was always quick to find every flaw, and let us know about it. After every room challenge, you will see us being judged by Mike and Mina. They along with real estate agent appraisers at the end will ultimately declare the winner. The winning team will be given the title based on knowing the real estate market the best and raising the overall value of the home. We loved every minute of it. It was also different from the homes we renovate in or around Comanche. This house was literally steps away from the water, which was different than what we had ever done before. We had to really think about what that buyer is really looking for in a home if they are looking on the beach. It probably means this is a second home, a getaway, an escape. For us, this meant thinking outside the box, and not doing and or picking what we normally would if it were just in a subdivision or small town. We definitely took some big risk because of this, and you'll just have to follow along with us until the end to see if it paid off or not.

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