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The pandemic has been especially hard on the Lone Star State’s school-aged youth. Texas students experienced an unfortunate amount of uncertainty, isolation, and disappointment when classes moved online and everything from sporting events to graduations were canceled. Given this challenging year for Texas students, TSHA, with help from our stakeholders and volunteers, was determined to keep Texas History Day on our students’ schedules.

This year more than 65,000 students across the state participated in Texas History Day or the program’s related curriculum. To safely hold the state competition, TSHA converted the contest to a virtual program so students could safely submit their historical research projects. Nearly 1,100 students qualified for the state competition and more than 980 students competed online.

Making this virtual transition on such short notice would not have been possible without the support from our stakeholders and volunteers across the state. As a special surprise for the students, Oscar-winning actor and Texas native Matthew McConaughey opened the virtual Texas History Day Awards Ceremony and provided some inspirational closing remarks.

“We really appreciate THD because [Max] NEEDS it… THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! This was a massive confidence boost for a boy who really needed it. As his parent, I’m very gratefull”, said - Amy Grinstein, mother of Max Grinstein, National winner of the Junior Paper Category.

In the quote above, Mrs. Grinstein illustrates why Texas History Day is such an important program. It not only encourages students to improve their research, critical thinking, and presentation skills, it also builds much-needed confidence in Texas students.

You can help more students like Max develop and build skills they will need throughout their lives. With your continued support, we can close our education program funding gap and grow our Texas history education projects to reach more students throughout the Lone Star State.

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