Tally’s Toes Dance Studio at the Comanche High School Commons. The theme of the recital was “Just Dance.” Tally Toes studio hosted a fancy food table and flowers as a fundraiser for the girls. Pictured are Greenlee McKee, Landri Shuman, Liliana Herrera, Mila Jackson, Autumn Miller, Findley Evatt, Aniesa Estrada, Helen Grace Baker, Mila Mazurek, Madison Brooks, Audrey Deal, Kaylor Miller, Talon Drew, Zoe Hornsby, Reese Barron, Addison Welch, Aislyn Shumate, Dahlia Reyes, Eliana Rios, Brea Nolan, John Masters, Madilyn Masters, Krystel Armas, Kenzley Hicks, Mia Hornsby, Sophie Wilson, Caroline Ingraham, Avery Gaines, Wylie Rose Barker, Ava McCullough, Caroline Bates, Jalen Pate, Richelieu Webber, , Lainei Gaines, Amaya Ortiz, Abby Clendenin, Abia Landman, Sawyer Hutchins, Alli McNew, Cylie Gillette, Lanie Pilson, Leah Galindo, Alexandra Martinez, Sutton Knolls, Evahlyn Harrell, Olivia Young, Addalyn Simmons, Avery Russell, Racheal Barron, Layton Knolls, Audrey Wilson, Autry Perkins, Audrey Grimes and Amanda Tally.

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