Celebrate Texas Sunsets by submitting entry in 2020 Quilt Block Competition

From TDA

AUSTIN – Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is asking quilters from across the Lone Star State to participate in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) 2020 Quilt Block Competition. Quilters are asked to submit patterns depicting scenes that depict Texas Sunsets.

“Each year we host this quilt competition, the submissions continue to amaze me,” Commissioner Miller said. “These folks spend countless hours hand-crafting beautiful quilt blocks showcasing Texas agriculture and just when you think the designs can’t get any better- they do! I look forward to this year’s presentation and the stunning Texas sunsets our talented quilters will create.”

Participating quilters will create patterns from a selection of natural fibers provided by TDA and up to three additional cotton fabrics provided by the participant. TDA wants quilters to include one special piece of cotton fabric that personally represents family, history or heritage.

Entries for the 2020 Quilt Block Competition are due June 30, 2020. TDA will start accepting applications and mailing the fabric packets in February. To receive information when this opportunity becomes available, please contact Emily Miller at 512-463-7425 or All entries will be judged by a panel of independent, outside individuals who will select the winning blocks to be pieced together into a quilt and unveiled at this year’s Family Land Heritage ceremony this fall at the State Capitol in Austin.

TDA’s Family Land Heritage program honors Texas families who have kept their land in continuous agricultural operation for 100 years or more. This celebration of Texas agriculture has been taking place since 1974, and Commissioner Miller is excited to bring together two TDA traditions — Family Land Heritage and the Quilt Block Competition — this year.

For questions regarding the Quilt Block Competition visit:

Contact: Emily Miller at 512- 463-7425 or email

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