Samantha Droke Tomchik, a native of Comanche County will star in “Rising Free,” a movie out December 6 nationwide

Amidst the rugged Oregon territory, “Rising Free” is a visual masterpiece that showcases the harrowing journey of a young woman running from the throes of prejudice. Taken in by a gracious pioneer family, she learns to stand in new-found hope, but is soon tested by unforeseen tragedies, in a vast and unforgiving wilderness, she must embrace this foreign hope within or surrender to shadows of darkness that looms over her.

Samantha was born in De Leon, Texas, the daughter of Lyndon and Synthia Droke. She made her major motion picture debut in the movie, “Truce,” alongside Buck Taylor, in which she plays Jenny, a young girl that is sent to live with her grandmother after her mother dies. Droke has appeared television shows suh as Gilmore Girls, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Eastwich and CSI: Crime Scene investigation. She was also seen in the television movie Princes Protection Program as Brooke, a girl that discovers that her classmate is a princess. Droke also starred the web series Poor Paul.

Lightfall Motion Picture Group presents in association with Gratitude Productions, a Lightfall Films Production featuring Comanche’s Samantha Droke Tomchik and Melanie Foust, Stephan Lunsford, Bob Grove and Elias Kamplain. Directed and produced by Christian Johannesson out December 6.

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