Industrial Hemp Seminar—Texas A&M AgriLife, Comanche County

Wednesday, January 15th, DeLeon, Texas

Texas producers and those interested in industrial hemp production can attend a “First Things” meeting to learn about potential opportunities and pitfalls of regional hemp production. The program will be conducted at the DeLeon City Auditorium, 125 South Texas St. DeLeon, TX 76444, Wednesday, January 15th. Registration will begin at 9:30 AM, the program commences at 9:00 AM, and will conclude at 2:30 PM.

Topics will include opportunities in hemp fiber, grain, and CBD; planting seed quality; preliminary agronomic considerations; economic considerations and risks, and question and answer sessions. Speakers will include Dr. Calvin Trostle, AgriLife Extension agronomist, Lubbock; Dan Hunter, Texas Department of Agriculture, Jason Johnson, AgriLife Extension Economist.

Trostle notes that Texas licenses should become available by early spring. Texas A&M AgriLife is working to understand the proposed Texas Dept. of Agriculture rules for hemp in Texas. “An overarching concern for would-be Texas growers, especially if you are interested the CBD oil aspect of hemp—that’s where the hype is at, is the confluence of greatly increased acreage, greatly decreased price, and the uncertainties of a first-time crop in Texas that none of us have grown. The economics of even 2019 hemp production in nearby states may be out the window for 2020.”

The on-site registration fee is $20.00. Pre-registration is requested at the contacts below. For Texas A&M AgriLife hemp resources visit

For further information and to preregister contact the Comanche County Agents Office (325) 356-2539.

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