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CEU Program

Most private applicator license expire in the spring on the 5th year of the license. Be sure to check your license expiration date. You should get an expiration notice from TDA, but if you have moved or had a change of address, you may not receive the notice. With the pandemic last year there may be many folks that are behind on their CEU hours. Fortunately, TDA has giving both private and commercial applicators 1 year to get caught-up on your hours. So, if you still lacked 5 hours and your license expired in February, you just need to get those 5 hours this year to be legal. Of the 15-hour total required for private applicators, you must receive a minimum of 2 hours of Laws and Regulations and 2 hours of Integrated Pest Management.

To help both private and commercial applicators get their required CEU’s, the Comanche County office of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will be hosting a 5- hour CEU program Friday, April 9th at the DeLeon City Auditorium located at 125 South Texas St., Deleon, Texas. The cost is $50.00. This year we have an excellent program covering laws and regulations, drift management, Auxin training and presentations on melon and vegetable production.

Registration for the program will be at 8:30 and the program will begin at 9:00 AM and run until 3:00 PM. Speakers will include Scott Nolte Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Weed Specialist- “Auxin Training”, Jason Jones, Texas Department of Agriculture- “Laws and Regulations”, Mark Matocha, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agriculture and Environmental Safety covering “Herbicide application and Drift Management”. After Lunch we will have Dr. Sonja Swiger, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Entomologist Specialist covering Insect Management in Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Vegetables” and lastly Thomas Isakeit, Texas A&M Professor Plant Pathology will be covering “Disease Management in Watermelons and Cantaloupes”.

We will offer 5 total CEU’s 2 L&R, 2 IPM and 1 drift. Commercial applicators will be able to fulfill their CEU requirements for the year. Again, applicators will also be able to complete the Auxin Training required when spraying dicamba products on cotton at this training. This program has excellent speakers covering topics of concern by many local producers. Please call the office to register for this program 325-356-2539.

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