Cotton and Peanut Field Day

We are happy to announce we will be holding our cotton and peanut field day again this year. It has been a hard year for dryland crops in the county, but irrigated crops do look good. Cotton acres have dropped off in the county, but peanut acres are staying strong. This is due to somewhat better contracts for peanuts the last couple of years. I do not expect to ever see peanut acreage near historic levels, I am hoping better peanuts contracts will continue and offer producers peanuts as another viable crop to add into their rotations.

To support agriculture producers and agriculture businesses, the Comanche County Agents office and our good cooperators have variety research trials for both cotton and peanuts in the county.

We will be hosting a field day to view these trials and talk with some excellent specialist and producers about varieties, growing conditions and challenges, disease and insect issues and a plethora of other topics that would be of interest to all ag producers.

The field day will be held on Thursday, September 17th, beginning at 10:00 AM and running to approximately 2:00 PM. We will begin in the field at the cotton research trials location located off 1476. From intersection of 36 and 1476 (Union Cemetery) you will go 2 miles, pivot with cotton trials are on the west (right) side of the road. Watch for sign at entrance. From there we will travel to the peanut trials. There will be 2 CEU’s 1 IPM and 1 general offered at the field day and lunch will be sponsored by our great local sponsors.

All CDC and county Covid requirements will be followed. In order to properly plan for the meal (due to COVID we are not allowed to have buffet type meal) we must have RSVP for anyone wanting to attend the event. Please call the office at: 325-356-2539 or send Mrs. Cindy a quick email: if you plan to attend.

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