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New 4-H Year and Major Show Lamb and Goat Validation Tags

The new school year is about to get underway, that means it is time for the new 4-H year. The 4-H year begins September 1 and runs through August 31. Texas and Comanche 4-H organizations are for youth in 3rd-12th grade, with Clover Kid programs for K-2. From shooting sports and horse to food science and fashion there are many activities offered through your local 4-H club. There is a membership fee of $20.00, if you get registered before November 1, after that the fee goes up to $25.00.

In Comanche County we have 5 4-H Clubs to choose from: Comanche 4-H Rodeo Club, Newburg 4-H Club, DeLeon 4-H Club, On Target 4-H Shooting Club, and the Genius 4-H Science Club. Some of the clubs have specific projects they focus on more than others, but all the clubs can work with leaders to offer multiple projects. Please give the office a call or come by for more information or club contacts.

Lamb and Goat Major Show Tags

It is once again time to order lamb and goat validation tags for the 2018-2019 major shows. If you plan to show a lamb or goat at the majors this year, please let your ag teacher or the county agents office know how many tags you will be needing by August 29th. Tags are $16.00 this year. Actual lamb and goat validations for major and the CCLA shows will be October 22nd from 4:00 until 7:00 at the CCLA Barn. Also, Texas Lamb Breeders Association tag numbers are required to be in the lamb’s ear and will be added to the form at validation. No TLBA numbers can be added to the validation forms after validation. If you have questions, please give us a call.

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