Homeowner’s water well maintenance checklist

Properly constructed private water supply systems require little routine maintenance. These simple steps will protect your system and investment:

• Always use licensed or certified water well drillers and pump installers when a well is constructed, a pump is installed, or the system is serviced.

• An annual well maintenance check, including a bacterial test, is recommended. Drinking water should be checked any time there is a change in taste, odor, or appearance, or when the well system is serviced.

• Keep hazardous chemicals, such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, and motor oil, far away from your well.

• Periodically check the well cover or well cap on top of the casing (well) to ensure it is in good repair.

• Always maintain proper separation between your well and buildings, waste systems or chemical storage facilities. Your professional contractor knows the rules.

• Don’t allow back-siphonage. When mixing pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals, don’t put the hose inside the tank or container.

• When landscaping, keep the top of your well at least 1 foot above the ground. Slope the ground away from your well for proper drainage.

• Take care in working or mowing around your well. A damaged casing could jeopardize the sanitary protection of your well. Don’t pile snow, leaves, or other materials around your well.

• Be aware of changes in your well, the area around your well, or the water it provides.

• When your well has come to an end of its serviceable life (usually 20+ years), have a qualified water well contractor decommission it after constructing your new system.

Thanks to WellOwner.org for providing this list. Checkout the website WellOwner.org to find more private water well resources.

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