Upcoming validation tag orders for 4-H and FFA Youth, Pecan Production Program set

There are many livestock validations coming up, be sure to check the dates and get your orders in on time. If you plan on showing steers at the Comanche County Show or any Texas major shows you must validate them this June. If you are showing under the Comanche County 4-H, steer tag orders are due to the extension office by April 16th and will cost $21.00 each. Late tag orders will cost $26.00. Heifer validation tag order deadlines are the same but cost $15.00.

Sheep, Goat and Swine validations for the State fair of Texas will also be in June. Tag orders are due by April 16th and are $16.00. Late tags will be $26.00 each. If you are showing any of these livestock with one of the FFA Clubs in the county, please be sure to check with your Ag Science teacher for tag order dates and deadlines.

State 4-H Horse validations will be completed online on 4-H Connect. Validations will be from March 1 to April 15th. Validations are $10.00 per head. Late validations will run from April 16th to May 1 and will cost $20.00 per horse. You must be a member of 4-H to validate your horse or show at the District or State Show.

Pecan Production Program

The Comanche County Pecan Committee and the Comanche County AgriLife Extension office will be hosting the annual Early Season Pecan Production Program on Friday, April 16th at the Deleon City Auditorium. Registration will start at 9:30 and the meeting will run from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

This year we have some excellent speakers covering topics that are of concern to Comanche County producers. This year’s program will focus on ‘Improving Nut Quality”. We have Dr. Monte Nesbit talking about “Managing Stress for Quality Nuts”, Dr. Jake Mowrer talking about “Soil and Leaf Tissue Sampling and Optimizing Nutrient Provision and Ratios” and Dr. Bill the former State Pecan Entomologist will be speaking on new pecan products and other pecan insect topics. We will be offering 2 IPM CEU’s. To register or for more information call or come by the Comanche office 325-356-2539.

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