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District 8 Farm & Ranch Seminar

December 9, 2021

The Farm and Ranch CEU Program gives you an opportunity to get lots of CEU’s in one day. The program will be held on Thursday, December 9th, 2021, at the DeLeon City Auditorium. This seminar will offer eight (8) CEU’s for the private applicator license and certificate holders. The approved credit hours are: four (3) General, two (2) Laws and Regulation, one (2) IPM and one (1) drift hours. Commercial and non-commercial license holders will be able to obtain all their needed hours for license renewal with the first 5 hours of the program.

The morning session will meet commercial applicators requirements for the year and offer 1 general, 2 IPM, 1 drift and 1 L&R. It will run from 7:30 until 1:00 PM and will have the following speakers and topics.

“General Herbicide & Pesticide Update”, Dr. Scott Nolte, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, State Extension Weed Specialist. An update and review restricted use and non-restricted use herbicide options for producers. In addition, he will review new labels to facilitate proper application and use. “Feral Hog Management Strategies & Control Methods”, Mikayla Killam, AgriLife Extension, Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Program Specialist. Integrated pest management strategies related to feral swine in Texas, including legal & proven control methods to help landowners choose the best possible options for their operations. “Managing Pesticide Drift & How to Do Your Part”, Dr. Ben McKnight, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Statewide Cotton Specialist. Presentation addressing pesticide droplet size, wind speed, temperature inversions, application timing, buffer zones and spray nozzle selection to reduce pesticide drift. “TDA Laws & Regulations Compliance” Perry Cervantes, TDA Coordinator for Pesticide Certification and Compliance. Update on TDA laws and regulations to facilitate applicator compliance, including but not limited to applicator records documentation, use of restricted use pesticides, and compliance with County, State, and Federal Pesticide Laws. “Pest Management in Forage & Row Crop Operations”, Dr. David Kerns, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Specialist, Statewide IPM Coordinator. Information on identifying common pests that affect Texas forage and row crop producers. As well as IPM strategies to control pests through biological, chemical, and mechanical control methods.

The second half of the program will offer an additional 3 CEU’s, 2 general, 1 IPM and offer the following speakers and topics.

“2021 TDA Laws & Regulations Update”, Dr. Don Renchie, AgriLife Extension Specialist & Coordinator - Pesticide Safety Education. Update on federal and state pesticide and environmental protection laws and regulations, including allowances for 2021 license renewals, as well as an update on the TDA compliant outcome(s). “Controlling Disease and Insects in Fruit & Nut Trees”, Dr. Tim Hartmann, AgriLife Extension Horticulture Program Specialist – Earth-Kind®. Control methods, best management practices, and mitigation of disease and insect pressures on fruit and nut bearing trees which affect commercial and homeowners alike. “Turf Grass Management for Homeowners”, Dr. Chrissie Seagers, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Extension Turfgrass Specialist. Helping homeowners improve their turfgrass through plant identification, herbicide selection, insect identification, insecticide selection, application timing and control methods.

The program will be offered with speakers live via internet, but speakers will not be on the premises.

This year’s program will be held at the DeLeon City Auditorium, 125 S Texas St, De Leon, TX 76444. The cost of registration is $50.00, which includes lunch. Doors will open at 7AM with program starting at 7:30AM. Everyone is welcome to stay for just the morning session or for the whole day. 8 CEU’s in one day makes for a very long day, come prepared for a long day and maybe stock up on a tube of Preparation H. To help us with the meal count we do ask that you RSVP by Friday, December 3rd.

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