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When Crosswind Ranch owners Jason and Lisa Davis were making their evening rounds to check on the cattle, they heard a peculiar “moo” and discovered a bull calf had fallen into an old, dry well. Due to the depth of the well, they called Comanche VFD Chief Jeffrey Jacinto who rallied a crew of firefighters including including, Assistant Chief Brandon Kolb, administrative officer Shane A. Stalnacker, firefighter Jim McPherran, firefighter Zac Melot, firefighter Martijn Verschueren (who propelled in and out to retrieve the calf), firefighter Cindy Thomas, and Jr. firefighter Tyler Bryant to help with the calf rescue mission. We are very appreciative of the community support and happy to report the calf was not injured and quickly reunited with his mama!

From Comanche Volunteer Fire Department

On the evening of February 17, 2023, Assistant Chief Brandon Kolb was contacted about persons needing assistance as one of their calves had fallen into an old well. Firefighters were asked to respond to the station and apprised of the situation. Several members responded from the fire station to the ranch.

An attempt was made to use the landowner’s 32 foot extension ladder to allow a firefighter to climb down, but the ladder was not long enough.

Using the winch and cable from one of the fire trucks, and rigging a pulley to the arms of a skidsteer, one of the firefighters was lowered into the well. From above looking down the calf appeared uninjured from the fall. Once the firefighter was down, a large commodity bag was lowered. The firefighter was able to use the bag to create a harness as it has heavy straps to secure the 400 lb calf. Once secure the calf was hoisted up and out of the well. The calf was reunited with his momma.

The cable was lowered again to retrieve the firefighter.

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