(Comanche, Texas)—Continuing education after high school can be costly. That’s why Comanche County Farm Bureau awarded $2000 in scholarships to local students. “We offer these scholarships to support our local youth,”Comanche County Farm Bureau President Todd Schoen said. “Trade school, college and university educations can be expensive. Scholarships are our way to provide assistance. It’s also our way to invest in the future of Texas.” Robert Stephens, Patrick Root, Walker Kirk, and Landon Wilkerson received scholarships through the Comanche County Farm Bureau’s scholarship program. “These young men were selected based on their academic, scholastic and agricultural involvement,” Mr. Shoen said. “We are proud of their commitment to their education and to agriculture.” Robert Stephens, son of Randy and Kris Stephens, a graduate of Comanche High School, has been a part of the agricultural community from a young age and has developed a passion for agriculture. Patrick Root, son of Stacey Wall, a graduate of Comanche High School, has been involved in 4-H and FFA projects and has an appreciation for the dedication and hard work it takes to succeed in an agricultural community. Walker Kirk, son of Kristen Pascoe, a graduate of Sidney High School, has experience with working with the FFA and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. Landon Wilkerson, son of Nicky and Karen Wilkerson, a graduate of De Leon High School, has experience with agriculture through his efforts raising and showing pigs and goats and hopes to someday own his own land and raise his own cattle. “We are confident these students will be successful in their future endeavors,” Mr. Schoen said. A list of TFB scholarships and other opportunities for Texas youth can be found online at Local Youth awarded Scholarship (Pictured left to Right Andy Calhoun, Keith McIlvain, Todd Schoen, Landon Wilkerson, Patrick Root, Brian Dudley, Will Cullers, Owen Bean. (Not pictured Robert Stephens, Walker Kirk.)

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