Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas A&M AgriLife event collects unwanted pesticides

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and the Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service joined forces on Thursday, June 13 to host the Coryell County Pesticide Waste Collection and Pesticide Container Recycling event. This free, public event allowed agriculture producers to safely dispose of unwanted pesticides and pesticide containers.

Funded by a grant of $400,000 from TDA, the agriculture pesticide waste collection event was a huge success. Approximately 57,965 pounds of unwanted agriculture pesticides were collected. The following materials were collected during this event: 43,679 pounds of liquid pesticides, 13,160 pounds of solid pesticide, 10 empty drums of various types, one drum of powdered cyanide and a truck and trailer loaded with used pesticide containers.

“Pesticide safety is a top priority at the Texas Department of Agriculture, so we’re glad to team up with Texas A & M AgriLife to get this job done for our farmers and ranchers. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us get these chemicals disposed of properly.”

Long-term storage of pesticides can lead to the deterioration of pesticide containers, and possible environmental damage due to leaking containers on the farm and into ground waters.

“Farmers and ranchers are always the first environmentalists. As an eighth-generation farmer and rancher, I understand the importance of safely disposing unwanted pesticides and keeping these poisons out of the environment,” said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

TDA and Texas A&M AgriLife hosted a similar disposal event in Wharton County in December, the first such event since 2011. Commissioner Miller has already approved another disposal event for later this year. Details are pending.

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