Master Horseman, SPCA of Texas to Promote ‘Natural Horsemanship’ Education in Equine Welfare.

Kaufman, TX – May 30, 2019 – A unique event designed to promote horse welfare takes place tomorrow in Kaufman, featuring Master Horseman Pat Parelli on the importance of natural horsemanship education in equine welfare, the Parelli Foundation said today.

Through a private demonstration with Parelli, the two-hour event will focus in part on teaching humans to communicate with horses in a way horses understand naturally. It will also feature adoptable horses from the SPCA of Texas, which was chosen as the first Horse Welfare Program grantee to partner with the Parelli Foundation on a demonstration with Parelli.

“It’s so important to encourage horse welfare organizations to use natural horsemanship methods in their training and retraining efforts for the equine in their care,” said Summer Wyatt Bacharach. Executive Director of the Parelli Foundation. “We know this is the best way to ensure horses move on to a great future in their adoptive home and are proud to offer grants to assist organizations incorporating natural horsemanship education in their rehabilitation and rehoming efforts.”

What: Private demonstration with Master Horseman Pat Parelli promoting the importance of natural horsemanship education in equine welfare programs

When: Friday, May 31st at 10 AM – Noon

Where: Legends Ranch, 3018 Farm to Market Rd 2578, Kaufman, TX 75142

Who: The Parelli Foundation, the SPCA of Texas, and Pat Parelli, master horseman and founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. This event is designed to promote the Parelli Foundation’s Horse Welfare grant program, one of four program areas the Foundation promotes through grants and scholarships. Parelli Foundation has awarded nearly $100,000 in funds since 2015 to horse welfare organizations and projects through their Horse Welfare Program grants.

In 1982 Pat Parelli began creating a natural horsemanship program to improve the relationship between humans and horses.

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