The 4-H Cake Contest & Auction will be held Wednesday, August 7, 2019 in conjunction with the De Leon Peach & Melon Festival. This year’s rules are as follows:

The Peach & Melon Festival Cake Contest & Auction gives all Comanche County 4-H members an opportunity to bake a cake to be judged and sell the cake at the auction. You must be currently enrolled in 4-H in Comanche County prior to this contest to be eligible to enter.


9:00-10:30 a.m. Bring cakes to the office behind the Festival Stage

11:00 a.m. Entries will be judged

12-12:30 p.m. Pick up entries that will not be auctioned

8:40 p.m. or immediately following parade come to the stage area to be with your cake for the auction

9:00 p.m. Auction on festival stage (cakes, melons and fruits will all be auctioned during the same time period)


Class 1 - Layer Cake (round, square or shaped cake with icing between layers and on top)

Class 2 - Pound Cake (may be iced, glazed or plain)

Class 3 - Decorated Cake

Class 4 - Cake Mix Based Cake

Class 5 - Miscellaneous Cake (any cake that does not fit any other class)


1. There will be four age categories, based on the school grade for the 2017-2018 year:

Clover Kids - through grade 2

Juniors - in grades 3-5

Intermediates - in grades 6-8

Seniors - in grades 9-12

2. Entries are limited to one entry per class per person. You may enter more than one class, but only one entry in each class.

However, only one cake may be auctioned per person. If you have more than one entry, the highest placing cake will be

auctioned unless otherwise specified.

3. Copy of recipe must be attached to each entry (recipe will not be returned).

4. Cake must be on disposable plate and covered with clear plastic (may be either clear plastic wrap or clear plastic cake

dome). Cakes will not be accepted if presented in the same pan or container in which they were cooked.

5. Mixes may not be used in any of the cake classes except Class 4. This is not meant to be a class for simply a cake mix

and the cake will be disqualified if only a mix is used. The cake must have other ingredients to enhance the cake and will

be judged on how creative the 4-H’er can be with a cake mix.

6. No items needing refrigeration will be accepted (this includes cheesecake, whipped cream frosting, or any other reason that cake needs to be refrigerated). Buttercream-type icing using butter, powdered sugar, milk and flavorings are fine.

7. Cakes must be made by the 4-Her who is entering the cake.

8. Judges decisions are final.

9. Only cakes entered for judging may be auctioned.

10. 4-H members must be present to display their own cake on stage, or the cake will not be sold.

11. The Peach & Melon Festival, the De Leon 4-H Club, and any leaders or workers in either group are not responsible for

cakes left after pickup time.

12. The 4-H member will receive 50% of the selling price. Your check for this amount will be sent to the County Extension Office by the Peach and Melon Festival Committee.

Checks will be mailed to participants after thank-you notes written to each buyer, enclosed in an addressed (but unsealed) envelope with a current stamp properly attached, and a stamped and unsealed envelope addressed to yourself, have been brought to the Extension Office.

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