AUSTIN - Today, the Railroad Commission of Texas launched its RRC Online Inspection Lookup (OIL) tool for searching statewide oil and gas inspection and enforcement information, including notices of violation and intentions to sever leases. For the first time in RRC history, RRC OIL allows anyone, anywhere at any time to search online records of oil and gas well inspections and violations.
Chairman Christi Craddick said, ""RRC Online Inspection Lookup continues our efforts to use improved technology to deliver more accessible information to the public and industry on the work of the commission."
Commissioner Ryan Sitton said, "Government transparency keeps citizens informed and engaged. The Railroad Commission has made great strides on transparency under our watch, and I am pleased that through initiatives like RRC Oil we continue to lead the way. I will continue to push for even more transparency and accessibility at the RRC."
Commissioner Wayne Christian said, "This tool will be helpful to our agency, the industry and most importantly, the general public in ensuring individuals have easy, transparent access to data regarding the regulation of our natural resources. I applaud our hardworking staff and the commitment of funding from the Texas Legislature in making this long-desired tool a reality."
 Users may access RRC OIL 24/7 and can customize inspection and violation searches by a variety of criteria, including;
  • Operator name;
  • Lease name or number;
  • API number;
  • County;
  • RRC District Oil and Gas District number;
  • Inspection date range, and;
  • Rule.
RRC OIL accesses inspection and enforcement data entered into the RRC's Inspection, Compliance, Enforcement Electronic Tracking System, which was implemented in August 2015. Users may also download data set files either statewide or by RRC district office.
The RRC OIL tool is part of the agency's on-going information technology modernization program using technology for greater efficiency in RRC operations and making data collected and maintained by the agency more accessible to the public.
RRC OIL can be found using the following link:
or under Useful Links on the RRC homepage at rrc.texas.gov. There is also a user guide and introductory video available on the RRC Oil landing page.

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