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According to data from Comanche County officials, there are currently 0 new active COVID-19 cases bringing the total active cases to 2 as of March 30, 2021.

The total number of county residents that have been tested now reaches 10,004 as of March 30. There have been 1,626 county residents that have tested positive since late March of 2020, and there have been 56 deaths. Also, 119 people have been hospitalized since March 2020, relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. County health officials are waiting on 5 pending COVID-19 test results.

Total Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases since March 2020 in surrounding counties, according to John Hopkins University and Medicine coronavirus map as of March 30, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. central time. Erath County 4,055 cases and 67 deaths, Brown County 4,217 cases and 116 deaths, Eastland County 1,321 cases and 47 deaths, Hamilton County 755 cases and 26 deaths, and Mills County 650 cases and 21 deaths.

All the surrounding counties are still seeing a small rise in COVID cases and all had 0 new deaths. Erath added 20 cases and 0 deaths, Brown 8 cases, and 0 deaths, Eastland 5 cases and 0 deaths, Hamilton 2 case and 0 deaths, and Mills added 2 case in a week and 0 deaths.

Websites that can show you a list of places that are giving COVID-19 vaccinations are the local CCMC website,, the CDC website,, and the Texas Health and Human Services website,

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