Abbott Declaration

June 26, 2020 Important information: what executive order no. GA-28 issued by Governor Greg Abbott on 6-26-2020 means for Comanche County, Texas.


As County Judge I have filed with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services an attestation that allows business establishments in Comanche county, Texas to operate at up to 75 percent of the normal operating limit of the establishment. This means all restaurants in Comanche county, Texas (that have less than 51 percent of their gross receipts from the sale of alcohol) and all retail establishments in Comanche county, Texas do not have to scale back to 50% as stated in Governor Abbot’s June 26 order. (**if we hit 39 active cases in Comanche county, Governor Abbot’s order will then supersede my attestation to Texas Department of Health and Human Services).


However, my attestation to Texas Department of Health and Human Services cannot apply to bars or similar establishments. Governor Abbot’s order on June 26, 2020 mandates bars or similar establishments that hold a permit from the Texas alcohol beverage commission (TABC) must close and only operate with curbside options for food and drinks to the extent authorized by TABC.

There is no occupancy limit for the following:

-Any services listed as essential critical infrastructure on version 3.1

-Religious services

-Local government operations

-Childcare services

-Youth camps, summer camps, day camps

-Recreational sports for youth and adults

The following must operate at 50 percent of the normal operating limits as determined by the owner:

-Swimming pools

-Museums and libraries

-Rodeos and equestrian events

The following stay open as long as they operate with at least 6 feet of social distancing between work stations:

-Cosmetology salons, nail salons, hair salons, barber shops

-Massage establishments

-Tanning salons, tattoo parlors


For all other outdoor gatherings in excess of 100 people the gathering is prohibited unless the county judge (for county events) or the mayor (for an event inside the city limits) approve the gathering.


Still no visiting nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


No mandatory mask order is in place for Comanche County, Texas at this time.

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