Years ago, I was invited to help start a Bible study at a large industrial plant. Several people wanted to meet during their lunch break and study the Bible. The first meeting was very interesting because there was a mixture of executives, supervisors, secretaries and blue-collar workers. In addition, there was no rank and file or seniority at the study. The man who asked permission to have and start the lunchtime study worked in the machine shop. I met with him a day before the study was to start and there he was in the lunchroom sitting alone with a dark blue lunch pail. He was munching on an apple and reading a small sized pocket New Testament. As we visited, he told me that he always put the little New Testament Bible in his lunch pail and would read it every day at lunch and had been doing so for many years. God’s word is very important to us. Hearing and knowing, (memorizing) it can lead to salvation, (2 Timothy 3:16, Joshua 1:8, Romans 10:17, Psalm 119:16). We are to treasure God’s Word, (Psalm 119:11). There are some beautiful promises concerning God’s Word (Proverbs 16:20, John 8:51). Many of the people at the plant respected the man with the grease and oil on his clothes and the blue lunch pail very much. He demonstrated that man should not live by bread alone, (Romans 1:16, Matthew 4:4). See you in Church next Sunday.

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