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Did you know pecans are the only major tree nut that is truly native to North America? Or that “pecan” gets its origin from a Native American word meaning “a nut too hard to crack by hand”?

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Nine out of ten Americans eat too much salt. As a result, more people are being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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What beautiful weather! Sunday, as I write this, it sounds like a lawnmower orchestra outside! All my neighbors are sprucing up for spring. Comanche Mercantile is feeling the spring. Amanda Higginbotham, our window decorator, is putting bright colors in the windows to bring in spring and esp…

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Relying more on canned foods, which come pre-cleaned, chopped, and cooked, and easily portioned, can help you quickly assemble delicious nutritious meals. But as evidenced by a recent consumer survey, Americans are unsure of the benefits canned foods bring to the table.

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"Caring Hearts for Children wants to thank everyone who attended its recent Tailgate Mixer with the Comanche Chamber of Commerce, 94.3 The Ox and Swig’s BBQ. The entire CHFC team is thankful for the opportunity to build connections and share about the important work they are doing in the liv…

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