Above Texas

Texas From Above features stunning aerial photographs of the state's borderlands

JANUARY 17, 2019 (AUSTIN, TX) 
— An original exhibition featuring aerial images captured by photographer Jay B Sauceda during a six-day flying journey around the state will open at the Bullock Texas State History Museum on Saturday, January 26. The exhibition, Texas From Above, highlights the beauty of Texas borderlands and explores the process Sauceda took to capture the images.

"The beauty and diversity of our Texas borderlands, whether meeting the Gulf, our neighboring states or Mexico, are readily apparent in the contemporary images on view," said Bullock Museum Director Margaret Koch. "It is so easy to get lost in the landscapes featured in these gorgeous photographs — the colors and richness of the land and waters will stay with you the next time you have the opportunity to fly over the state. This is a rare opportunity to see how the landscape connects us all.”

In 2015, Sauceda embarked on a solo trip in a single engine Cessna and shot 44,000 aerial photographs of Texas borderlands, from sandy beaches and coastal plains to rugged plateaus and mountain peaks. Originally for a photo essay in Texas Monthly and now featured in the book A Mile Above Texas, the images demonstrate the diversity of the state's topography and provide unprecedented access to various landscapes. With more than 90 percent of Texas held by private hands, Sauceda's photographs capture land normally hidden behind fence lines. 

Through large-format images and salon-style groupings, visitors will explore the photographs and discover Texas from a new perspective. Original digital interactives within the exhibition provide a deeper dive into Sauceda's extensive catalog, and hands-on experiences for all ages place visitors in the cockpit to discover his tools and process. Additionally, first-person accounts and artifacts from Sauceda provide insight into his personal experience while undertaking the project.

"Getting to see the images printed large and in a walkable form will really give viewers the feeling of being along for the flight, which I'm very excited about," said Sauceda. "More than anything, I want visitors to share in the excitement I had for exploring the state by plane."

Sauceda, who grew up in La Porte, Texas, and moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, is a photographer, entrepreneur and author. His photographic work includes commercial campaigns and editorial features, and his Sauceda Industries, which he founded in 2013, manages the popular Texas Humor brand. His books include How to Be a Texan and A Mile Above Texas.

Texas From Above opens to the public on Saturday, January 26, with a special members-only preview and celebration on January 24. For more information, visit TheStoryofTexas.com or call (512)936-8746.

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