WHEN:  July 22, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. 

WHERE:  Comanche High School Commons

 Vaccines are always voluntary and we want Comanche County residents to be able to ask any and all questions so informed decisions can be made when it comes to getting the vaccine for themselves or for their children above 12 years old. 

 We will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Joel Massey, MD, MPH, Regional Medical Director and a Panel of Public Health Specialists from the Texas Department of State Health Services Public Health Regions 2 /3. The Texas DSHS Public Health Region 2/3 includes 49 counties in North Texas. Texas DSHS provides public health services for 37 of these counties that do not have their own local health department.

Frequently asked questions we receive in Comanche County are:

  • Are the vaccines effective for the Delta variant?
  • Is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine ok for use now?
  • What’s the best choice for vaccine? Does one seem to be more effective? 
  • There’s so much information on Facebook and on TV about the safety/effectiveness of the vaccines for kids.  Does it have an effect on their future fertility? What is the risk for teens to get  inflammation of the heart after they take the vaccine?  How does the Covid-19 vaccine interact with other vaccines my child is required to get? 
  • What about boosters?   Will a booster be required? If so, how soon will we have to have a booster?   Will there be one general booster for all vaccines or will we be required to have the same brand that we received? 

Come to the Town Hall and get your Covid-19 and Vaccine questions answered in person!     

 *Spanish Translation will be available for the presentation. 

*For those who cannot attend in person, the presentation will be streamed on Facebook Live from Comanche County Judge—Stephanie L Davis Facebook page. 

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