A good friend said he was going to make me a new one belt because the old one was worn out. When I picked it up and started to pay him he said, “No charge”, it is a gift to you.” I was so proud of the belt that I wore it to town. In town someone saw my new belt and made fun of it because it was not fancy. I felt so bad because I was so proud of my new gift. That incident made me realize something about Christianity. People who do not know Christ Jesus as their personal Lord and savior may not realize how important our faith is or how much we love Him. They may make fun of Christians and mock them. They may even may talk bad about or use Jesus’ name in bad ways. I love my new belt and very much appreciate the one who made it for me. I also enjoy my new relationship to God, (forgiveness of my sins and peace with God, which Christ Jesus gave me when He died on the cross, (2 Corinthians 5:17, John 3:16). I am not ashamed to wear my new belt just as I not ashamed to say I am trusting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I will hold my head high (Romans 1:16) even if they mock my Jesus and remove His name from our land, (Luke 9:26: Galatians 6:7). See you in Church next Sunday. Brother J

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