By Jennifer Fails

The Comanche First Assembly will be serving pulled pork sandwiches, chips and water for $7 Saturday, December 1 at the Comanche Farmer’s Market. All proceeds are going to cover expenses for Comanche First Assembly mission team members traveling to Haiti in March 2019.

All money raised is going toward travel costs for those serving on the trip in March 2019. This includes airfare, lodging, food, & transportation costs accrued to, from, and while in Haiti. In addition to travel funds, there are funds needed for the projects planned while in Haiti.

The group travels with a non-profit organization, Operation Go Quickly. For several years, and over several trips, bonds have been made with the Bethel Baptist Church in Petit Anse; a rural, deeply impoverished area outside of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. Since the first trip in 2013, God has used many hands to transform the church that was once a small bamboo type structure to a large, beautiful temple in the center of the neighborhood. This church serves as a school, a place of worship, and an outreach center for those in the nearby community. There are many needs in Haiti, yet, being able to do God’s work, share God’s love, and help the pastor and congregation to minister more efficiently to their community is of extreme importance.

The trip in March is going to be used as a time to help with improvements on the pastor’s home, which is a small, 2- room, concrete building for his family of 8. There will also be community outreach services held to reach the lost in the area.

Other activities that we take part in while in the Cap-Haitien area include volunteering at The House of Blessings, a children’s respite center for mentally and physically handicapped children.

A few years ago, Operation Go Quickly began providing clean water to the prison in Cap-Haitien. Before the sanitary water was available, cholera had prisoners extremely sick and dying at alarming rates.

While our groups that travel from Comanche primarily focus on work in Cap-Haitien and the partnership with the Bethel Baptist Church, Operation Go Quickly is dedicated to serving those with disabilities worldwide and is heavily involved in the promotion of amputee soccer and other adaptive sports.

For more information about the OGQ go to or for more information about the mission projects or how you can serve contact Jennifer Fails at (325) 330-0392.

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