Community Rehab 2021 volunteers in Comanche County

The 21st Community Rehab Project was held successfully during the week of June 13 – 21 after missing 2020. More than 195 volunteers completed renovations including painting, roofing, siding, wheelchair ramps, and windows on 11 homes during the week. Other volunteers worked in food preparation, delivery, and other needed positions. Volunteers came from Comanche County and various locations throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma to participate in this year’s Project.

Projects were located in Comanche, DeLeon, and Gustine and were completed thanks to the dedicated workers. The increased heat, along with the high humidity, caused hydration to be very important to them.

The materials used in the projects came from private donations and registration fees paid by the volunteers. That’s right - the volunteers paid for the opportunity to work! The workers kept their hands occupied with hammers and paintbrushes to accomplish their tasks. Each evening closed with a time of worship.

Since it first began 22 years ago as work on a single home, Community Rehab Project has now had over 5,350 volunteers and the number of homes renovated now stands at 315.

ee “before and after” construction photos and photos of some of the work in action during the past few years, go to our website and click under the photos tab.

As amazing as it is to compare “before” and “after” photos of the homes, the change in home exteriors fails in comparison to the different perspective many of the young people received after spending the week involved in the project, learning to serve their community.

The 2022 Community Rehab Project is planned to be held June 12 -17. Applications for Homeowners to apply for repairs will begin March 1, 2022.

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