Many times we do not realize just how well off or blessed we are until we lose it. It could be health, marriage, raising children, finances, jobs, housing, food, safe neighborhoods and these are just a few from a long list. There is much turmoil in many parts of our world today. Years ago some terrorists locked thirty people in their local church and set it afire and would not let them out and they all perished in the fire. In another country over thirty people were fleeing their neighborhood because terrorists were looting and their truck caught on fire and exploded and they were all killed. Sure, our Country is not problem free but it is a lot better than most places. We have so many freedoms and opportunities. May we begin the New Year on our knees thanking God for our country, (Colossians 1:16) and the many blessings it provides for us and asking Him to protect it, (Psalm 86:6, 102:1). May we can commit ourselves this New Year to read our Bibles more and spend more time in prayer, (Colossians 4:2& 1 Timothy 4:2). Our political leaders need our prayers. Also ask God to raise up good Godly leaders for us, (Romans 13:6). May our lives be filled with the presence of God and His love and may that be passed on to our families, local communities, Churches and our nation. See you in Church next Sunday.

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