The young couple barely looked twenty years old and they were walking slowly down the street side by side. The young man had a tiny bundle in his arms and he held on to it as if it was very precious and fragile. You could not tell if it was a boy or girl but you could tell by the little hat, sticking out that a tiny baby was wrapped up in those baby blankets. As I watched the couple, I knew they cared for each other but they also cared for that tiny bundle. Seeing them reminded me about something in the Christian life. God cares for very much. We may not always feel that way but rest assured He is watching out for us. God cares for everyone in the world, (John 3:16) but He has a special care and a special relationship for those that have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, (John 1:12). When we chose not to obey Him or ignore Him, (John 14:15) He cannot take care of us the way He would like to, (John 14:23 &24). Just as that little baby is totally yielded to its parents we should be yielded and willing to obey God, (John 15:10). I cannot think of a better place we could be than in arms of God and have Him watching and caring for us, (Isaiah 40:11). See you in Church next Sunday. Brother J

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