This coming Sunday in Atlanta the New England Patriots will battle it out with the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53. History will be made in that it will be winner take all! Two mighty, well equipped, well prepared teams will suit up for one last final battle. Battle is not new for either team and both teams have been to the point of seemingly defeat but refusing to concede they came back. The Bible talks about a battle that is to take place in the future. It is the last and final battle between good and evil. Satan and the evil forces have already suffered one great defeat when Jesus Christ died on the cross. By His death and resurrection from the grave He provided forgiveness from our sins and the free gift of eternal life with God, (John 3:16, 1 Peter 3:18). Some think the final battle will take place on the plains Megiddo, (Esdraelon, Revelation 20:8&9). It is south of the Sea of Galilee, west of the Jordan River in Israel. One team or army will be led by Satan and his demonic forces, unclean spirits and fallen Angels, (Revelation 13:1-18, 16:13-16). The other team or army will be led by Jesus Christ and the armies of Heaven, (Revelation 19:11-19). Jesus Christ will be the winner, (Revelation 17:14, 20:7-10). If we have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior we are on the wrong team. See you in Church next Sunday.

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