New infusion therapy for diabetes offered at CCMC

CCMC sole licensed provider in region to offer Multi-Patented Diabetes Relief™ Treatment

(Comanche, TX) Comanche County Medical Center (CCMC) announces a new and innovative treatment for patients with metabolic disorders such as diabetes including T1, TS and pre-diabetes. The treatment, Diabetes Relief™ is a patented physician-directed, insulin resensitization therapy. It is administered as an outpatient service through the expanding CCMC Infusion Therapy Center located on the hospital main campus in Comanche.

The Diabetes Relief™ infusion is designed to reduce insulin resistance -- the primary cause of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Insulin is administered in such a way that it bio identically mimics insulin’s release as a hormone rather than a drug. The treatment helps blood sugar more readily enter human cells and be converted into energy, thereby increasing cellular energy and allowing damaged tissues and organs to repair and grow. The Diabetes Relief™ approach can stabilize the diabetic condition, and has been reported to reverse complications of diabetes and other disorders.

During the spring, CCMC’s Dr. Dwayne Miller, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Larry Troxell, Chief Executive Officer, conducted in-depth interviews with the executive leadership of Well Cell Support, the Houston-based licensor of Diabetes Relief™. They also analyzed the science, technology and outpatient processes of the treatment, presenting their findings to the CCMC Board of Directors who approved the project. Customized trainings were then conducted in Houston on the Diabetes Relief™ infusion process; participating were Rachel Hilliard, FNP, Johnnie Robinson, RN, and Kim Hight, RN. In coordination with Dr. Miller and referring physicians, this nursing team will create customized care plans for each participating patient.

The new therapy is part of CCMC’s ongoing effort to help patients live healthier lives by providing the best care options in its six-county service area. As one in three Americans suffers from diabetes, CCMC is expanding its services with the Diabetes Relief™ treatment program. CCMC continues to provide screenings, medical care, and treatment for diabetic patients as well as its diabetes education program using the proven CDC curriculum. Patients participating will also be part of a national research study. To schedule a consultation or to find out more, call 254-879-4910.

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