Reports say the wildflowers in Texas will be the best they’ve seen in ten years due to rains at the appropriate time throughout the year. We here at The Chief are excited to announce our annual Wildflower Photo Contest.

Submit your Texas wildflowers photos to or drop them off at The Chief Office at 203 West Grand Avenue by June 25!

All photos will be featured in a “Wildflower Gallery” on the Chief’s website,

Photos should be of flowers only, no people, animals, or structures.

The winner will be featured on the front page after the contest! And others will be featured through the newspaper and future editions.

Spectacular displays of blue, pink, red and yellow are blanketing the state, and Texas State Parks offer picturesque settings for family photos of this year’s parade of wildflowers away from busy roadways.

Texas is home to nearly 6,000 species of plants, and recent rains are assured to accompany a colorful wildflower explosion from spring through late fall. More than 90 Texas State Parks offer some of the best and safest places to view and photograph nature’s bounty of wildflowers, blooming shrubs and trees.

Always remember to exercise caution when taking wildflower photos on busy roadways by using your emergency lights and being mindful of disturbing wildlife resting or hiding in that location, such as nesting birds, or undesirable encounters with venomous snakes and fire ants.

In North Texas, the landscape is generous with Indian paintbrushes, brown eyed Susan, winecup, American basket flower, Barbara’s buttons, American wild carrot, showy evening primrose, plantain, Texas prairie parsley, fleabane, prairie clovers, blue-eyed grass, buttercups, snakeherb, butterfly weed, false dragon-head, sundrops, beeblossum, Texas skeleton plant, larkspur, coneflowers, blue mealy sage, wild indigo and overwhelming numbers of green milkweeds.

Remember, photos are due by June 25. Good luck!

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