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By Ray Vigil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist You can access our programs and services from just about anywhere with your personal and secure my Social Security account. It’s easy to sign up for one, and it will give you access to important information you can’t find anywhere else. With your personal my Social Security account, you can:

• Use our Retirement Calculator to compare future benefit estimates for different dates or ages to begin receiving benefits.

• Check the status of your application or appeal for benefits.

• Review your work history.

• Request a replacement Social Security card (in most States).

If you already receive benefits, you can also:

• Get a benefit verification or proof of income letter.

• Set up or change your direct deposit.

• Change your address.

• Request a replacement Medicare card.

• Get a Social Security 1099 form (SSA-1099).

You can even use your personal my Social Security account to opt out of receiving certain notices by mail, such as the annual cost-of-living adjustments and the income-related monthly adjustment amount notice. These notices are now available in your Message Center when you sign in to your account.

Please let your friends and family know that they can create their own my Social Security account today at

New Benefit Verification Letters

We are excited to announce the release of a new, standardized Benefit Verification letter.

People receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can obtain their letter by using their personal my Social Security account. You can use the letter as proof of income for loans, housing assistance, mortgage, and other verification purposes.

Please create your personal my Social Security account to access your new Benefit Verification letter online in a safe, quick, and convenient way without needing to contact us. People not receiving benefits can use their account to get proof that they do not receive benefits, or proof that benefits are pending, in the same standardized letter. Individual representative payees can also use the new my Social Security Representative Payee Portal to access the new Benefit Verification letter online for themselves or their beneficiaries.

You can access your Benefit Verification letters at If you don’t want to use your personal my Social Security account, you can call our National 800 Number to speak with a representative or to use the Interactive Voice Response system.

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