By Missy Jones

My parents Will Cox and Minnie Steward married in 1912. When the bad flu broke out in this area, they had one son, my brother Wilburn, born in 1915.

My Mother told about the flu being so bad, and people were afraid to get around anyone who was sick with it.

My Mother was a very good cook, and they had neighbors out in the country who were bad sick. She said that she would cook up big pots of stew and soup, and bake big pans of cornbread, and pans of biscuits. Daddy would take these to the neighbor’s houses, leave this on the front porch. Daddy would leave and go back home, and the neighbors would go out and get this. Mama said she sent lots of stewers and big pots of stew, and they could just heat this up on their stove. My Mother was a very good cook, and they were helping their neighbors the best way they could think of. My parents were very good people and helped all that they could.

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