By Serina Wells, Intern, The Comanche Chief

I have a big question for you. What is your favorite part of Christmas? Is it the act of decorating? Is it just the decorations themselves, and if so, the inside or the outside ones? What about getting together with family? Or is it possibly the twinkling lights that catch your eye as you go by them? How about those catchy songs that you hear playing over and over notoriously anywhere you go? And all of the traditional Christmas shows that warm your heart every time you watch them? Or perhaps is it the true meaning that lies behind all of the fluff and bright lights that is your favorite part? No matter what part is your favorite, there is a lot that goes into this brightly colored holiday each and every year.

Christmas is a thing of beauty. Some people go all out and decorate every square inch while others just do a minimum, but both are equally beautiful. Everyone has their own little twist that they add to the decorating too, which makes it all the more magical. Some go traditional with big full live trees, others use fake trees in the traditional green color, while some choose a more unique color such as white, blue, or even pink! Whatever your décor choices are it all just seems to add a little something extra to the holiday season.

When you really think about it, everything about Christmas is beautiful, and not just the decorations. It somehow manages to make whatever room you walk into a little warmer, brighter and merrier. It causes celebrations, and for people to be just a little more kind to one another. It drives people to be better by showing how much they care for those they love and helping the less fortunate. This year that kindness is needed in much more abundance, and a lot harder to come by. So, for the sake of the holiday season show a little kindness in whatever ways you can, it really can make a huge difference that you don’t even see. It does not have to be a grand gesture either, even a pebble makes ripples in the water.

Stay safe, winter weather is finally upon us, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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