On Wednesday, June 19 the Comanche City Council called a special meeting to discuss a few topics including the situation with the Comanche VFD.

On Wednesday morning Mayor Mary Boyd discussed the VFD topic with the city’s outside legal counsel. And after that meeting it was mentioned that the city might want to hire a legal counselor with more legal government experience. So, the Comanche City Council moved on with a new legal councilor.

After meeting with Comanche VFD Fire Chief Steven Gillette and Kameron Mazurek, legal council for the Comanche VFD an interim agreement was made for the city to transfer the property where the fire station currently sits to the Comanche VFD, a 501C3 entity. The Comanche City Council passed this vote on Wednesday, June 19.

This agreement was signed on Thursday. This enables the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department to cash the checks that the City of Comanche issued to them so that the VFD can work at full capacity. Mayor Boyd said she appreciated the hard work of Gillette and Mazurek and the council board members in getting this dispute resolved.

The next step in the process is to finalize the agreement with the missing legal description and missing deeds. Some deeds were found in the old Comanche City Hall that have not been recorded. These are going to be recorded so that the legal description will be valid, and the property can be transferred. The City of Comanche is able to transfer the land to the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department because they provide a service to the city. So, as long as they provide this service the property transfer will hold up.

Mayor Boyd said she is delighted about this outcome and believes that this agreement will be finalized.

After September 30, 2019 the Comanche City Council will meet to discuss the service agreement with the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department and the property agreement should be finalized after that point as well.

Another issue from the June 19 meeting involved a Comanche Police Department patrol car and Governor’s Justice Assistance Grant Program. The Comanche City Council decided to pay the remaining cost of the vehicle that the grant program did not cover because after a certain time frame the grant money could not be used at all.

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