The Comanche City Council meet on June 10 for their regular monthly meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the Comanche EDC building at 115 West Grand Ave. The meeting was a little less attended as the previous meetings with the heated debates between the City of Comanche and the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department.

After Mayor Mary Boyd called the meeting to order and established a quorum, Steven Gillette, pastor of the First Assembly of God Church, led the group in prayer. Then before the citizen comments the Pledge of Allegiance was given by those in attendance.

The first comments were given by Charles Grimsley about the problem of dropping off leaves and limbs at the Comanche City Park.

Les Grace, city code officer made the following statement “I realized last year the City Burn Ordinance was not in line with State law. The State Fire Marshal’s office was contacted and they imparted to me if we allowed burns under the old ordinance the City would be liable if a fire got out of control. We suspended burns within the city except in a few exempt situations. I drew up a burn ordinance to bring us in line with State law and TECQ policy. The Council was presented ordinance in 12/2018. They tabled action on the ordinance and were having the City Attorney look at ordinance and permit process. Citizen Grimsley brought it to the Council’s attention last night and that no action had been taken and people couldn’t burn at this time.

Next Dr. Larry Troxell, Chief Executive Officer of the Comanche County Medical Center, presented a possible action regarding a new Financial Assistant Medical Plan for the City of Comanche. Currently CCMC can offer a health care benefit for the city employees at no cost, no interest to the employer. And the care can be federally discounted. All of the clinics in Comanche and De Leon will be available under this plan for the city employees. CCMC and the City of Comanche will take this into consideration and see if an agreement can be made.

Another presentation was given by Jim Winkelman regarding the City of Comanche Strategic Plan. The plan is for a three to five year commitment with three phases. This plan will encompass city leaders, business owners and city residents along with surrounding areas of Comanche. The current committee is headed by Jim Winkleman, Prosperity Bank, Comanche Banking Center President, other members include Mike Furlong, Clint Tunnell, Avis Wabash and Robert Cobb. The committee has met once already and will continue to meet weekly has the plan begins to take shape.

Then Eddie Aguilar with Jacab & Martin, the current engineering company hired by the City of Comanche spoke about the progress or lack thereof with the Comanche City Pool. The main concern was with a leak that was letting out 65,000 gallons of water per day from the pool. This was the first phase and Mr. Aguilar sought out several contractors and only one came back willing to come to Comanche to fix the leak. The contractor used a fiberglass overlay to fix the problem. The city reached an agreement with the contractor that the leak would be fixed prior to the pool opening on Memorial Day weekend.

The contractor from Dallas did not provide adequate time to solve the leak thus the pool opening was delayed. They did not send enough people and did not work long enough on a daily basis.

Phase two was providing adequate equepmint since the sand lateral filters were broken. This was causing the pool to be vacuumed daily instead of weekly. The contractors are currently fixing this problem.

The council voted to hold payments to the contractors for lost revenue occurred by the city pool not opening, lost party dates and causing many employees to work overtime. For future reference the city council deciced to require a bond performance for further work.

Last on the presentation list was Makeena Seegmiller representing the Comanche Youth Council. She spoke of the over $2,800 money raised from the weekend charity softball tournament that pitted the Comanche Law Enforcement versus the Comanche Fire Department and EMT department. She also spoke of how the youth council does not turn down a child regardless of athletic performance and that they help families with equipment. The baseball/ softball season will end soon and on June 15 an adult softball tournament will be held to help raise funds for future projects with the Comanche Youth Council and contractors will be coming to the City Park Ball Fields to get ready for the July Sate Tournamnet.

The State Tournament will bring 11 teams and about 300 to 500 visitors to Comanche. They suggested that city merchants could offer discounts during the weekend of the state tournament to entice visitors.

Other concerns include fence repair around the soccer fields and irrigation for the enire city park ball fields. Also future lighting concerns may be a problem.

The CYC has requested a waiver fee for use of the Community Center for meetings. Other suggestions for meeting places were suggested by the council if the Community Center could not be used.

The CYC is currently trying to get 501C3 status so they can get grants to help with some of the cost to help provide adequate fun for our youth.

Soccer signups are June 15.

Also mentioned was the Totelcom will provide free wi-fi at the park so guest and visitors will be able to use their mobile divices.

Next the council approved the minutes from the May 13 and 20 meetings.

Then the council moved to the next agenda which was the department heads reports. The head of the finance department reported that revenues were down in May. The code enforcement officer Lesley Grace talked about the long abatement process on the current properties in Comanche. The public works talked about how the use a six quadrant system for their workers around the city.

After the department head reports a discussion was made about the Comanche Vounteer Fire Department and City of Comanche agreement. Kameron Mazurek, special counsel to the CVFD spoke about how the agreement from the May 20 meeting was not sound with new evidence that had been discovered.

The issue with the contract regarded the legal description. Currently Kameron Mazurek and Jim Elliot outside council for the City of Comanche are trying to reach an agreement.

Mr. Mazurek has found that a legal deed for the land that the Comanche Voulunteer Fire Department uses as their station does not exist.

The deed in 1933 was listed in a propate in inventory by a Martha Farmer and her son T. H. Farmer was the executor. He deeded out certain pieces around the land where the fire house sits but not the acutual location of the current firehouse.

There might be a deed to the city from 1937 but the executor was deemed legaly insanse. So if it was deeded to the city it would not stand. And it might be still under Marth Farmers name.

So since the fire department has used the land for a extended amount of time they could be deemed the actual land owners. But no legal action has taken place until the deed situation is determined.

The City of Comanche has already written checks to the CVFD but the fire department has not deposited them in good faith until a new agreement has been finalized.

The council voted to approve a quick review of the new agreement so the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department can move along with the building and be under contract with the city to fight fires and perform other task.

Next Tony Alvarado, owner of Silverado Real Estate, LLC requested a building permit #186 for new construction of a building at 400 East Central Avenue. The building will house a O’Rielley Auto Parts store. Mr. Alvarado said he can start in a couple of weeks and that the building should be completed by December 1, 2019. The council unanimously approved the building permit.

Then Shelley Allderman head of the Comanche Animal Shelter spoke of some dire problems with the animal shelter. Currently the cooling unit is out and the sky lights are adding heat inside the building. She is asking for a budgement amendment to fix the cooling unit and retrofitting the skylights. The council unanimously approved the budget amendment to help the Comanche Animal Shelter.

A few other older business items on the agenda included the open city council seat and the open Mayor Pro-Tem seat.

Three candidates have been mentioned for the open seat include William Wellman, Mike Furlong and Tommy Gibson. The council agreed to discuss this more and wait to appoint a Mayor Pro-Tem until they have a full council.

` Another item on the old business agenda is to accept a vehicle with video system for the Comanche Police Department funded through the Governor’s Justice Assistance Grant program. The council unanimously voted to accept the bid for a 2019 Tahoe fitted with video survalence from Fleet Safery for around $42,000. Chief of Police Bruce Bradshaw also spoke of the need for computer storage of videos since the department is required to keep video survalence from the cars and officer body cameras for 90 days. And all the cars will need updated video survalence to meet requirements.

New business items on the agenda include:

10. Street Paving: Discussion and possible action regarding approval or rejection to move forward with street paving (East Walcott) during the summer of 2019.

11. Chamber of Commerce: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the May 2019 Chamber of Commerce Expense and Activity Report.

12. Community Center Fee Waiver: Discussion and possible action to approve waiver of deposit and rental fees for the annual Dairy Breakfast scheduled for June 12, 2019.

13. Depot Meeting Room Fee Waiver: Discussion and possible action to approve waiver of deposit and rental fees for USDA Farm Service Agency Public Meetings scheduled for June 26 and July 17, 2019.

14. DQ Day at the Pool: Discussion and possible action to approve waiver of the private party deposit and rental fees for public DQ Day at the Pool scheduled for National Hot Dog Day on Thursday, July 18th •

15. Building Permit #186: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the Building Permit Application #186 from Silverado Real Estate, LLC for construction of a new building at 400 East Central Avenue.

16. Building Permit #191: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the Building Permit Application #191 from Tillman Infrastructure, LLC for construction and installation of a cellular tower at 510 West Oak Avenue.

17. Building Permit #182: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the Building Permit #182 from Patrick Martin for construction of a nursery on property located at 100 S. 9th Street.

18: Order of Demolition: Discussion and possible action regarding the abandoned property located at 503 North Travis –

a. Action to accept the Order of Demolition as presented by the Board of Adjustments.

b. Action to determine method of demolition.

c. Action to authorize publication of Demolition Request for Proposals.

19. Animal Shelter Repairs: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the proposals received for needed repairs -

a. Replacement of the cooling system

b. Retrofit or removal of the skylights.

20. City Hall Cleaning Services: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the proposal received from Mr. Jimmy Cuellar for weekly cleaning service at City Hall.

21. MOU Lacy - Swim Lessons: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the Memorandum of Understanding with Ms. Judy Lacy to provide swim lessons June 17-28, 2019.

22. CPD Technology: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the bids for the following software/hardware upgrade and/or replacement:

a. #1285 - PowerEdge R340 Computer Server

b. #1315 - Mobile Optical Drives, Toughpads, Windows 10 Upgrade

c. #1311 - Dell Laptop

d. #1317 - OptiPlex Tower and Computer System

23. Banking Services Proposal: Discussion and possible action to accept or reject the Request For Proposals document for the City of Comanche Financial Banking Services; authorizing publication and notice.

K. Other Business:

24. Preliminary Totals Property Values: Presentation and discussion regarding the

revised/updated Property Values as prepared by the Comanche Appraisal District.

25. Public Officials Emergency Management Workshop: Presentation and discussion regarding the Emergency Management Workshop scheduled for Monday, June 17th at 5:30 p.m. in the Comanche High School Commons.

26. Invoices to be Paid: Discussion and possible action to approve or disapprove of invoices presented for payment.

27. Council and Mayor Comments; Council and Mayor comments relating to items of public interest; announcements regarding local or regional civic and charitable events; staff recognition; commendation of citizens; traffic issues; upcoming meetings; informational update on City projects; awards; acknowledgment of meeting attendees; birthdays; requests of City Staff for items to be placed on future agendas; and condolences.

L. Adjournment

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