Comanche County Democrats met

Democrats of Comanche County met September 9th at First national Bank in Deleon. President Thompson called the meeting to order. Nancy Reynolds read the minutes of the August meeting and Julie Sanders gave the Treasurer’s report.

President Thompson asked for feedback on our meeting place, scheduling of future speakers and the club response to the upcoming Democratic Presidential Primary debate scheduled for the 12th. After discussion, it was decided not to have a formal watch party for the September debate.

Judges require signature petitions in order to get on the ballot so petitions for judges were made available for attendees including their biographies.

Hank LaRowe gave a short address to the group as to why he became a Democrat and why he continues to support the Democratic party. He stressed the importance of ‘policy’ and the impact Democratic policy had made on his own life. 1930’s policy, implemented in his childhood, had given his family financial stability and he credited the GI Bill, Social Security and Medicare, all Democratic policies, for continuing to give stability to his life as an adult.

President Thompson introduced our speaker, Bill Rosenberg, Texas Democratic Party Committeeman for SD 24, and he continued our education of how volunteers support a political party. He expressed great appreciation for the position of Precinct Chair which he called a neighborhood ambassador. A print out of duties associated with the position was made available and he took the time to give an explanation of the duties and why they mattered.

Mr. Rosenberg advised public hearings on redistricting are scheduled at the capitol. Gerrymandering had caused maps to be drawn with surgical precision to protect seats for those in power and these hearings are to discuss the problems this has caused.

The next scheduled meeting is October 14th at 6:30 p.m. The speaker will be David Currie, Chair of the Texas Democratic Rural Caucus.

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