by: Erica Garner, Big Country Homepage

LINCOLN COUNTY, Arkansas (KTAB/KRBC) JUNE 20 – An Abilene woman and her husband, who recently moved to Arkansas, have been charged with Captial murder for the beating death of their 11-year-old son on Father’s Day.

David Black, of Comanche, and Mary Black, of Abilene, were arrested for the crime in Lincoln County, Arkansas after the body of their son was found inside a camper trailer, according to KARK news.

KARK reports that an affidavit read allowed in court revealed, “investigators believe the couple beat the child over a two-day period(Saturday night and Sunday afternoon) with their hands, a paddle and belt.”

The boy sustained bruising all over his body, as well as internal and head injuries for apparent impact wounds, according to an autopsy report reviewed by KARK.

This is what Mary Black said KARK news as they asked her questions leaving the courthouse:

Tyler: “Mrs. Black did you kill your son?

Mary: “No I did not, and that’s all I want to say about it.”

Tyler: “Were you surprised to learn you got charged with capital murder?”

Mary: “Yes I was.”

Tyler: “What was David saying to you in court?”

Mary: “That he loved me and that he was sorry.”

Tyler: “How did the boy die?”

Mary: “David beat him.”

The Lincoln County Sheriff told KTAB and KRBC Mary Black previously resided in Abilene and that her son had spent time at a hospital here.

David Black left Comanche about a year ago, according to the Comanche County Sheriff.

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