Amid alternating cheers and moans, attendees from DeLeon, Rising Star and Comanche viewed the first Democratic Presidential Primary Debate on June 26th at the DeLeon Senior Citizens building while enjoying delicious snacks. The next Watch party will be held July 30th.

Democrats of Comanche County met on July 8th at First National Bank in DeLeon. President Thompson called the meeting to order. Nancy Reynolds read the minutes of the June meeting.

Julie Sanders of Comanche was elected to serve as club Treasurer.

Pamela Cleveland was expected to be our July speaker but due to a conflict, she has rescheduled for the August meeting. Judge Stephanie Davis has agreed to speak to the club in the fall. Members expressed an interest in learning the effects of Voting Rights, Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering on our elections. President Thompson is seeking a speaker qualified to address these issues.

Joni Holdridge reported on Democratic Primary candidate, Cory Booker. he is from New Jersey, a Rhodes scholar, 2 term mayor, believes election day should be a national holiday, believes in voting by mail, favors universal background checks, Medicare for all, increase in teacher salaries and free vocational training.

Julie Sanders reported on candidate Amy Klobuchar. She is a US Senator, 59 years old, married with one daughter. She is from Minnesota, a graduate of Yale University and University of Chicago Law School. She was a former County Attorney and partner in two different law firms. She believes in bipartisanship and has co-authored 111 bills that have become law since mid-December 2018. Her main issue is mental health care and addiction treatment but fights for farmers and raising teacher pay.

A summary of Inspector General Jennifer Costello’s report on the Detention Centers Holding Migrants at the Border was read. The internal report cited squalid, unsanitary and dangerous conditions during inspections of 5 separate Border Patrol facilities. One facility held migrants in a standing room only cell for a week without hot meals or showers. Senior management called the facility situation a ticking time bomb.

Next meetings scheduled are: Thursday, July 18, 6:30 p.m. at 1305 N. Mary Street in Comanche, and Monday, August 12, 6:30 p.m. at First National Bank in DeLeon.

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